Higher Consciousness


  1. radioman said,

    2009/04/20 at 21:22

    “”Straws upon the surface flow; He who would seek for pearls must dive below.””

  2. radioman said,

    2009/04/20 at 21:37

    “The positive and constructive use of the power of mind, with a definite goal in view will invariably result in advancement, attainment and achievement, but if we wish to use that power in its full capacity, the action of the mind must be deep. In addition to the right use of the mind, we must also learn the full use of mind, and as the full use implies the use of the whole mind, the deeper mental fields and forces, as well as the usual mental fields and forces, it is necessary to understand the subconscious as well as the conscious.”

  3. radioman said,

    2009/04/20 at 21:43

    “When you think of yourself do not think of that part of yourself that appears on the surface. That part is the smaller part and the lesser should not be pictured in mind. Think of your larger self, the immense subconscious self that is limitless both in power and in possibility. Believe in yourself but not simply in a part of yourself. Give constant recognition to all that is in you, and, in that all have full faith and confidence. Give the bigger being on the inside full right of way. Believe thoroughly in your greater interior self. Know that you have something within you that is greater than any obstacle, circumstance or difficulty that you can possibly meet. Then in the full faith in this greater something, proceed with your work.”

  4. radioman said,

    2009/04/20 at 21:48

    “In consequence, it is the subconscious which we must understand and act upon if we want the power of mind to work with full capacity and produce the greatest measure possible of the results desired.”

  5. radioman said,

    2009/04/22 at 22:49

    “This practice will ultimately lead on gradually and progressively to the state of highest transcendental

  6. radioman said,

    2009/04/22 at 22:55

    “You begin to live not for the world. You no longer
    commit the same blunder of trying to find meaning in life in terms of things here. You try to find a
    meaning in life in terms of the eternal Reality, when life becomes full of meaning. It becomes the
    means for the attainment of the great end. It becomes a rare opportunity given to us in order to be utilised, where you can discipline yourself; where you can train yourself; it will become a training ground. It becomes of great value and you look at all things from a different angle. Every experience you now make, becomes a spiritual exercise, something to learn, something to gain more strength inwardly. This something equips you for that supreme attainment. Then life becomes meaningful.”

  7. radioman said,

    2009/04/22 at 22:56

    “And so, philosophically, if you think deeply, you begin to understand that the ultimate value lies not in this life.”

  8. radioman said,

    2009/04/22 at 22:57

    “What availeth a man if he gained the whole world but loses his own soul”

  9. radioman said,

    2009/04/22 at 23:23

    “When the spiritual consciousness suddenly dawns, you are no more in the level of either the body or the mind. It no longer thinks through the mind. Consciousness becomes your experience and not thought. You rise beyond the mental plane and enter into the spiritual plane, spiritual experience. The dawn of spiritual consciousness brings about the ultimate transcendence of all mental experiences, human experiences, sorrow, grief, suffering, doubt, restlessness and pain. They are left behind! It is like one having attained a mountain top.” This is your chance. Take it! ;}

  10. radioman said,

    2009/04/22 at 23:27

    “All human experience is only mental experience. Everything the human being experiences
    is in the mind only. When you enter into the transcendental state of spiritual consciousness, all
    mental experiences, all human experiences are left behind, and you enter into Divine experience.
    From that ground of Divine experience, these lower experiences look like children’s play, forgotten
    dreams from which you have awakened.”

  11. radioman said,

    2009/04/22 at 23:27

    “Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you will find. Knock and it shall be opened unto
    you. So, do you want that experience, or you want to continue in your same weeping and wailing,
    laughing and crying, ever restless, ever discontent? It is for you to decide.”

  12. radioman said,

    2009/04/22 at 23:31

    “By controlling the powers that govern Prana, he can surround himself with a blaze of light.”

  13. radioman said,

    2009/05/09 at 23:08

    “You have come to the limit of your mind, but you are more than mind.”

  14. radioman said,

    2009/09/01 at 23:57

    feel it ;}

  15. radioman said,

    2009/09/04 at 00:09

    “the desire of your heart can become reality of your being, stay here, until you acquire a force in you that nothing can destroy, then you will need to go back into life, and there you will measure yourself constantly with forces which will show you your place”

  16. radioman said,

    2010/11/27 at 01:31

    “Do not call yourself names of any kind. Permit no labels, not even so-called positive ones. Do not call yourself either weak or strong, foolish or wise. Dare to have no idea at all as to what you are and who you are. This may seem like a strange course to take, but remember, you want out of the human jungle, and this is the way out. Names and labels occupy a lower level of thought, the level of nervousness, which is not for you.”

  17. der1331 said,

    2013/11/13 at 07:42


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