1. radioman said,

    2016/05/24 at 22:05

    “THE REASON The reason people can hurt you is because they are
    more cruel than you think. The reason humans can deceive you is
    because they are more treacherous than you know. The reason men
    can corrupt you is because they are more devilish than you believe.
    The reason women can enslave you is because they are more oppressive than you see. Think from these facts, not from foolish beliefs. You will flyaway free.”

  2. radioman said,

    2017/03/04 at 18:15

    “Growing up into the fullness of inner strength is as exciting as seeking gold and as rewarding as finding it.”

  3. radioman said,

    2017/07/01 at 00:05

    “A willingness to abandon the old and the useless makes room for the new and the beneficial.”

  4. radioman said,

    2017/07/01 at 04:12

    “Wipe off all idle fancies, and say unto thyself incessantly; Now if I will, it is in my power to keep out of this my soul all wickedness, all lust, and concupiscences, all trouble and confusion. But on the contrary, to behold and consider all things according to their true nature, and to carry myself towards everything according to its true worth. Remember then this thy power, that nature hath given thee.”

  5. radioman said,

    2017/07/01 at 04:20

    “…And then, with that very thing that doth hinder, thou mayest be well pleased…” ;}

  6. radioman said,

    2017/07/01 at 04:30

    “But to consider the thing in itself, if so many with so many voices, shall make such and such a sound, or shall have such and such an opinion concerning thee, what is it to thee?”

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