“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions”


 “It’s your attitude that’s gotta change”


  1. radioman said,

    2012/03/09 at 16:57

    “The world’s foolishness is like a clever magician who plays a trick on you while diverting your attention with meaningless chatter. Never mind the kind of world society has created for itself. Do not carelessly accept it as yours. You have your own world to build. So regardless of what happens outside, continue to practice inside. You will then command the out-side in a new way.”

  2. radioman said,

    2012/03/17 at 23:00

    “Truth alone will endure, all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time.”

  3. radioman said,

    2012/04/01 at 11:57

    “Choose to live in peace, even when the world around you is not peaceful.”

  4. radioman said,

    2012/04/26 at 14:36

    “You are quite capable of producing your own psychological atmosphere, which society’s negative atmosphere cannot penetrate.”

  5. radioman said,

    2012/05/05 at 16:03

    “Now the people outside of you never call their mass ignorance _ignorance or stupidity_. They call it intelligence. They call it a group come together for the enrichment of mankind, or some other equally misleading phrase. They are foolish. They live in folly. They call wrong right. They have enough mental junk to sink a ship.”

  6. radioman said,

    2012/12/22 at 23:55

    “it’s never too late to rewrite your own story”

  7. radioman said,

    2013/01/21 at 14:36

    “Life is finally enjoyed when we understand clearly what it means to live without unnecessary thoughts, emotions, actions, speech, involvements.”

  8. radioman said,

    2013/01/21 at 14:38

    “As a guide to the truly valuable, realize that anything gained by force or pressure or guile has no value at all.”

  9. radioman said,

    2013/01/21 at 14:42

    “If it is necessary to get your feet wet while crossing the river, get them wet, but cross.”

  10. radioman said,

    2013/01/21 at 14:48

    “Courage is a cold deliberate dive into the ocean, not knowing what’s down there, what your going to meet, but the particular ground that you leaped off has become unbearable.”

  11. radioman said,

    2013/01/21 at 14:51

    “You can rewrite the script to eliminate what you don’t want and include what you like.”

  12. radioman said,

    2013/01/21 at 14:54

    “To play it safe is to play it dangerous. To risk all is to win all. In those few words are buried very deeply the plan by which you can be a kind of a person with which you are not presently acquainted.”

  13. radioman said,

    2013/01/21 at 15:14

    “It is a thousand times more sensible to climb one foot up the mountainside than to chatter for years about the mountaintop.” ;}

  14. radioman said,

    2013/02/11 at 16:55

    “Everything is only for a day, both that which remembers and that which is remembered.”

  15. radioman said,

    2013/02/11 at 18:33

    “As thou intendest to live when thou art gone out, … so it is in thy power to live here. But if men do not permit thee, then get away out of life, yet so as if them wert suffering no harm. The house is smoky, and I quit it. Why dost thou think that this is any trouble? But so long as nothing of the kind drives me out, I remain, am free, and no man shall hinder me from doing what I choose; and I choose to do what is according to the nature of the rational and social animal.”

  16. radioman said,

    2013/04/25 at 21:43

    “…to hold out firm and constant, and to keep within the compass of true moderation and sobriety in either estate…”

  17. radioman said,

    2013/09/05 at 17:15

    “You have it in your power, to have no opinion, and thus to keep your soul undisturbed. The external things themselves have no power of causing opinions in us.”

  18. radioman said,

    2013/09/05 at 17:46

    “Look inwards; § within is the fountain of good; which is ever springing up, if you be always digging in it.”

  19. radioman said,

    2014/02/14 at 13:19

    “Let thy course ever be the most compendious way. The most compendious, is that which is according to nature: that is, in all both words and deeds, ever to follow that which is most sound and perfect. For such a resolution will free a man from all trouble, strife, dissembling, and ostentation”

  20. radioman said,

    2014/02/14 at 13:27

    “Let Cosmic Principles guide your great search. They never fail.”

  21. radioman said,

    2014/02/14 at 13:31

    “Prefer quietness to noise.”

  22. radioman said,

    2015/03/15 at 22:13

    “Authentic confidence is effortless, for it arises naturally from a life united with cosmic power.”

  23. radioman said,

    2015/03/15 at 22:16

    “Nothing prevents you from attaining a calm confidence that no worldly event can shake.”

  24. radioman said,

    2015/03/15 at 22:23

    “A person in this clear and lofty state does not contribute to the chaos. He is like a flower in a field of weeds.” ;}

  25. radioman said,

    2015/03/15 at 22:30

    “Daringly defy darkness.”

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