“I live in the clouds. Reality is not for me. People say I should come down. That the clouds are not a place for grownups to be. I smile at them. Maybe one day, I say maybe one day I will come down. But I never will. Reality is not for me. ;}

I shall stay up here. The view is quite breathtaking.



  1. radioman said,

    2010/07/04 at 18:08

    “What is right for you and the world will sit gently in your heart without question. At any point of question stop, stand back and look to see the truth of the matter.”

  2. radioman said,

    2010/07/09 at 08:59

    “You have nothing to lose, because you own nothing but your free will of limited choices that lay in front of you…”

  3. radioman said,

    2010/07/16 at 04:55

    “If you want to know who you are, you must not believe that other people know what they are talking about when they tell you who you are.”

  4. radioman said,

    2010/08/13 at 13:38

    roger ;}

  5. radioman said,

    2010/08/13 at 17:06

    “..By dropping fanciful ideas about yourself, you are indifferent to results, for they can neither add nor take away. Can gold or lack of gold affect a soaring eagle?” ;}

  6. radioman said,

    2010/09/05 at 22:42

    “If you are consistently or at least predominantly present in your relationship, this will be the greatest challenge for your partner. They will not be able to tolerate your presence for very long and stay unconscious. If they are ready, they will walk through the door that you opened for them and join you in that state. If they are not, you will separate like oil and water. The light is too painful for someone who wants to remain in darkness.”

  7. radioman said,

    2010/09/05 at 22:52

    “If you cannot be at ease with yourself when you are alone, you will seek a relationship to cover up your unease.”

  8. radioman said,

    2010/09/05 at 22:58

    “An intelligence much greater than the mind is now in charge, and so a different quality of consciousness will flow into your doing.”

  9. radioman said,

    2010/09/07 at 01:53

    “easy come, easy go” ;}

  10. radioman said,

    2010/09/07 at 14:00

    “Each one of you hearing this talk senses quite clearly inside yourself that what you’re hearing is good, virtuous, spiritual. You know that. There’s no question about it. So an _eviler_ – that’s a word originated here to cover all wicked, sick human beings and is a good general word to remember – an _eviler_ attacks goodness. The slightest appearance of something that comes from God is picked
    up by Satanic radar and is immediately attacked because it doesn’t want it to spread any further. Its own kingdom of darkness feels threatened so it wants to stop it.”

  11. radioman said,

    2010/09/07 at 14:09

    “Study humans who seek to appear powerful and authoritative and connect them with ghosts who are supposed to look scary, appearing to be light and having life. Light however dissipates ghosts, reveals
    them as being nothing, which they always were.”

  12. radioman said,

    2010/09/07 at 14:17

    “The more you practice these methods, the more you lift yourself up above the limitations of mind and body, into the realization of your own true position as a masterful individuality; in fact, you place yourself where you belong, over and above everything in your organised existence.”

  13. radioman said,

    2010/09/07 at 14:21

    “Resolve to remain as strong, as determined and as highly enthused during the darkest night of adversity as you are during the sunniest day of prosperity. Do not feel disappointed when things seem disappointing. Keep the eye single upon the same brilliant future regardless of circumstances, conditions or events. Do not lose heart when things go wrong. Continue undisturbed in your original resolve to make all things go right. To be overcome by adversity and threatening failure is to lose strength; to always remain in the same lofty, determined mood is to constantly grow in strength. The man who never weakens when things are against him will grow stronger and stronger until all things will delight to be for him. He will finally have all the strength he may desire or need. Be always strong and you will always be stronger.”

  14. radioman said,

    2010/09/07 at 20:52

    “He who floats with the current, who does not guide himself according to higher principles, who has no ideal, no convictions — such a man is…a thing moved, instead of a living and moving being — an echo, not a voice. The man who has no inner-life is a slave of his surroundings as the barometer is the obedient servant of the air.”

  15. radioman said,

    2010/09/14 at 00:44

    “You may then see that many people that you know may appear as strangers and you have difficulty identifying them. This is because your energy systems have changed from some of these other people and when you are in a higher level of existence, you are identified as an energy pattern, not as a named being. In that level there is the appearance of a name because the energy pattern forms itself into a symbol.”

  16. radioman said,

    2010/10/04 at 21:39

    “STAY HOME. Sick society has a compulsion to draw you into its madness. In its insecurity it can’t leave you alone. Its emptiness makes endless demands upon you, no matter how evil or ridiculous are its claims. Make an effort to see this during today. Society invites you to a masquerade party, and at midnight the smiling dancers change into vicious monsters. Refuse their invitations. Stay home. Their evil stops at the door of your inner castle.” // Live Above this Crazy World ;}

  17. radioman said,

    2010/10/08 at 22:46

    “…entertain the possibility that every door opens and all paths lead to your goal.”

  18. radioman said,

    2010/10/17 at 15:51

    “Aim to understand the dragon, not defeat him, for to understand the dragon is his defeat.”

  19. radioman said,

    2010/10/23 at 22:42

    “It is utterly useless to try to change the outer world, for it is but a reflection of inner causes. The true seeker seeks to change himself. It is as if our barefoot ancestors met in tribal council to solve the problem of the rocky ground which hurt their feet. Someone suggests a vast program of planting grass all over the world. Another suggests the planting of trees at regular intervals, so that they might swing forward from one branch to the next. Finally, comes the sensible suggestion, ‘Why not pad our own feet?'”

  20. radioman said,

    2010/11/04 at 22:33

    “The fuel of wrong action is wrong thinking, while the fuel of right action is cosmic consciousness.”

  21. radioman said,

    2010/11/07 at 06:12

    “A shepherd was once hypnotized into thinking that he was a great king, and that his sheep were loyal subjects. So the shepherd’s every act expressed his delusion, for example, he commanded the sheep to polish his crown and to bring him a royal dinner. The point is, we must recognize the nonsense of a certain idea at the start, otherwise we will not notice the equal nonsense of all else which follows. So a grasp of fun- damentals is essential, including this one: The false sense of self can do nothing but create chaos.”

  22. radioman said,

    2011/02/27 at 17:49

    “You are learning to value your peace so much that you will go to great lengths not to lose your inner balance.”

  23. radioman said,

    2011/03/27 at 17:33

    “Start by seeing very clearly and very deeply that all
    man-made systems for human improvement are pathetic attempts to make nothing look like something.”

  24. radioman said,

    2011/06/30 at 21:26

    “AVOID TROUBLE Avoid people who:
    a. Approach you with sad eyes.
    b. Display emotional love.
    c. Vow to behave better.
    d. Mention their past good deeds.
    e. Know what you need.
    f. Stand up for their rights.
    g. Try to involve you.
    h. Feel persecuted.
    i. Want to show you something.
    j. Have had bad breaks.
    k. Tell you to trust them.
    l. Are excited over great plans.
    m. Feel hurt at your refusal.
    n. Stare but don’t see.
    o. Work hard to convince you.”

  25. radioman said,

    2011/07/04 at 00:00

    “We also affirm to you the necessity to develop your strong intuition so that your knowledge becomes sound, based on the clear knowing”

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