Many are called, but few choose to respond. Where do you stand at this pivotal point?

You must ask yourself and you must answer yourself!
Full awareness is comming…


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  1. radioman said,

    2007/11/09 at 23:12

    If You Are Ready For It,
    It Will Mark The Most Important Turning-Point
    Of Your Life!


    Are you ready?
    Are you ready to acquire the power yourself?

    Come take the ride of a lifetime with me and
    You will discover
    In Simplicity
    In Power
    And stunning clarity
    As you read – – as you see – – as you feel – – you will know

    Never before has there been a message so deep
    So far reaching
    So powerful
    And so clear

    It will touch the deepest part of you – –
    The part of you that cries out for answers – –
    For understanding – –
    For love – –
    To know – –
    To just know ‘how’ and ‘why’
    It will speak to your soul
    And it will call you forth – –
    And you will know
    – like you have never known before
    And you will feel
    – like you have never felt before

    This moment – –
    This moment in time – –
    Right now – –
    Will change your life

    And you will remember it – – and be grateful for it – –
    Because – – as you decide – – right now – – as you decide – – to know

    That part of you – – that has cried out to be set free
    That part of you that is calling you right now
    And has been calling to you – –
    Whose cries you have muffled
    And drowned out with your tears

    That part of you – –
    That wants to find others
    Others who have broken free
    Others who are running like the wind
    Feeling and Seeing and Hearing
    Their deepest dreams arise and Be
    That part of you – – says – –
    “Everything you have is worth it
    Everything you are or have ever hoped to be – –
    Is worth it

    YOU are worth it
    You know you are”

    So take the step
    Come with me – – join me – – take my ride with me – –
    Make it “our” ride
    Take the ride
    And let us create together

    Allow me to help you create your dreams – –
    Your deepest Dreams – –
    Your deepest desires

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