“Out here it is so clear but yet it is filled with answers, filled with potential, filled with exactly what you are looking for.

But out here in New Energy potentia it’s quiet.”



  1. radioman said,

    2007/09/25 at 16:00

    “Now our challenge, here in this moment here with Shaumbra, our challenge is, can you perceive and receive from this field of clear and easy potentials?

    ..It just moves in.”

  2. radioman said,

    2007/09/25 at 16:01

    “Be in the moment.”

  3. radioman said,

    2007/09/25 at 16:04

    “The New Energy works so differently than the Old. Not linear, not limited, not confused. You are the first group of any humans that we have worked with that is working on this. It is up to you to, if you choose, to continue to work with it and to develop it and to share with each other through books, through your email, through gatherings like this, how you personally are experiencing this New Energy at work in your life.”

  4. radioman said,

    2007/09/25 at 16:06

    “Watch how you move in and out of what you perceive as human reality. You’re still here, you’re always present in this Now, but watch how you are shifting in and out, moving very fluid, very flowing. No longer like you’re stuck in a certain place, no longer like things are holding you back, but moving in and out of reality zones.”

  5. radioman said,

    2007/09/25 at 16:10

    “Be expansive. Be daring. Go a little crazy like I did. It takes sometimes a good mental breakdown to really get yourself loose and open. (laughter) Expressive! Not limited anymore!”

  6. radioman said,

    2007/09/25 at 16:16

    “Allow the potentials to come in and then play with them. And remember at all times, be in your life. Be you. Be fully present, especially in this New Energy.”

  7. radioman said,

    2007/09/26 at 00:03

    ..nothing Makes sence, great ;D

  8. radioman said,

    2009/04/10 at 22:47

    exactly ;}

  9. radioman said,

    2010/04/04 at 01:49

    definitely! ;}

  10. radioman said,

    2013/01/18 at 01:01

    copy that ;]

  11. radioman said,

    2017/10/17 at 20:11


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