This is a life that you have chosen to share your
energies with others and to experience what it is like to be of a certain
vibration while those around you are not.






  1. radioman said,

    2007/09/22 at 18:34

    “There is nothing outside of you that is better for you, more healthy
    for you, more beautiful for you, than you yourself.”

  2. radioman said,

    2007/09/22 at 19:52

    “Yet, there is nothing to stop you from traveling into, say a 2012 time line, and bringing in a new food source, an invention, new music or feeling tones, to your 2007, since enlightened beings live outside linear time. Try it! You are the living loving answer to the theory of everything, as you constantly play with multiple time line potentials every moment of your day. There is no superior part outside of yourself that is not you; that knows more about you, since you are the one who must make up the script for your new time line loop curvatures, where you meet yourself, reflect, and go again; beyond the beyond, in your unique moment that has never been before.”

  3. radioman said,

    2007/09/22 at 19:54

    “Are you willing to meet yourself in the great creation chamber of the Void of the Unknown, where all that has been or ever will be, awaits you to choose and create what you have never experienced before;”

  4. radioman said,

    2007/09/22 at 20:02

    ..”su audra, vėjas susitaikė, gismta šiluma iš lėto… nesvarbu, kad nakty dar šąla”..

  5. radioman said,

    2007/09/22 at 20:08

    “GOD helps those who helps themselves.”

  6. radioman said,

    2007/09/22 at 22:00

    “If we truly desire to create a better world for ourselves, we would need to do something different than what we’ve been doing. We’d need to think different thoughts and talk about different things.”

    o.O oh, i’m doing it ;]

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