Peace: when you are in the centre of a light storm

Love: when you are well connected to life in all 4 worlds

Beauty: when you admire the creation and evolutions process of Stars

Trust: when you have filled your body with prana (no fear)

Truth: when you speak from your heart

Balance: when your heart is aligned with all planets

Oneness: when you are one with the creator in out of space

Satisfaction: when you life in the universe (no pride; no jealousy)

Equanimity: when you do not judge and desire (no anger; no attachment)

Patience: when you trust the planting of your seeds





  1. radioman said,

    2007/09/14 at 11:48

    I am full of love: the force is with me
    I am fully loaded with positive energy
    Higher frequencies flow within me
    My rotating shapes are a very high frequency of light and energy
    I am one with the creation
    When I wake up I am happy in my Stars
    I smile the whole day
    I am focussed on my own “faults” to further improve

  2. radioman said,

    2007/09/14 at 23:17

    ..feeling sweet like that rose ;} I’m & enjoy it ;]

  3. radioman said,

    2007/09/14 at 23:43

    ..The most interesting aspect of this phenomenon is the art behind achieving this.

  4. radioman said,

    2007/09/14 at 23:51

    ..i love training this skill of ‘art’ “_^

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